Ncell posts revenue of Rs. 4800 crores

Ncell, a private telecom giant of Nepal, posted whooping revenue amounting to Rs. 48,41,53,00,000 for the FY 2070/71. For the same fiscal year, It has paid Rs. 6,25,00,00,000 as an income tax to the government. Considering the turnover and profit, Ncell is the biggest company of Nepal according to Inland Revenue Department. The company has been awarded as the largest tax payer of the country for the FY 2069/70 where it contributed Rs. 4,47,92,00,000 toward the tax revenue of the government.

Ncell claims to have invested Rs. 7000 crores in its business operationFeatured images in Nepal. Telia Sonera, one of the leading European telecommunication providers is the parent company of Ncell. Ncell is the “cash cow” for Telia Sonera from a country where the mobile penetration is growing progressively.